XtremeFidelity features a very select group of world-class,  high-end audio manufacturers presented in a relaxed listening environment designed to make you feel like you’re in your own home. Our driving force is the search for components that make music, embodying emotion and realism in the quest for the finest sound.


XtremeFidelity is a very unique high-performance audio dealer located in northern New Jersey. We are different in that we focus solely on a select group of premium electronics that we feel are the best-of-breed and we do not sell loudspeakers. Our product offerings include analog audio electronics, both tube and solid state, digital products, and high-performance power and signal cabling. We are also unique in that we are one of the few dealers where you can listen to high-performance, master-level reel-to-reel tapes. These products are presented through our reference loudspeakers, the world-class Tidal Agorias, in our dedicated, home-based listening studio. Here, we offer a relaxed, informative, and most importantly, an emotionally-inspired listening experience on a by-appointment basis. Our many years of expertise with the products that we offer and our deep knowledge of premium audiophile reference systems allows us to utilize our strengths to create the perfect music listening system for the discriminating listener. We differentiate ourselves by exceptional personal service and support. 

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Mainz8 Power Distributor


Mainz 2 meter Power cable

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Merrill Audio Tape Head Preamplifiers. For the reel-reel tape enthusiast with direct-head outputs, this is the new state-of-the art in tape reproduction. Come in for an audition on our professional Ampex ATR-102 deck. We are tape specialists, unlike any other dealer.

MASTER Tape Head Preamp Lifestyle.jpg
Aavik 580_edited.jpg

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