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Our Product Lines

VAC Amplification Company

Every finely crafted VAC instrument is refined to bring music to life with stunning vividness and realism and to convey music with the very breath of life present in the recording studio or concert hall. VAC products are masterpieces because they allow each recorded performance to be heard with the musical authenticity the musicians intended. 

To bring this sonic purity and dimension of sound to the discerning ears of our customer, VAC uses vacuum tube technology almost exclusively. A passion for superb sound quality and expert attention to detail is also required to refine each piece to its peak of performance. Great care is evident in every note sounded by a VAC instrument. This is an appreciation that can only grow over a lifetime of listening for the music lover. Listen and let the sound be your guide!

Silent Angel products are for music lovers who want to build the highest-quality digital audio/streaming networks to pursue the purest audio quality possible.

They make specialist products that are class-leading in technology and performance, providing advanced features and unrivaled manufacturing quality and parts at prices that represent high value. 

Bricasti Design

Born out of world-class professional audio products,  Bricasti designs and builds exceptional-sounding digital products and amplifiers that consistently rank at the top of the market at any price. 


Merrill Audio 

Merrill Audio Advanced Technology Labs, LLC was founded with the singular mission of High Value Audio and Audio Purity. We are committed to use the latest in technologies to achieve this goal. Speed, clarity, noise floor, power and musicality are the traits most focused on. With these we are able to get closer to live music reproduction than ever before, emotionally connecting you to the music. 

Symposium Acoustics​

Designers & manufactures of auto equipment racks, platforms and advanced component isolation products. Our designs are guided by years of professional experience with live sound as well as state of the art audio and video equipment, but we feel that this is not enough to gain the trust and respect of our valued customers and friends. And so, Symposium maintains a serious commitment to and awareness of the reasons why we may be hearing and seeing - or not hearing and seeing- improvements in performance.

 Siltech has 40 years of experience building some of the world's finest cables, based on science and listening. From the entry-level Explorer series, through the Classic Legends and up to the Royal Crown series, Siltech offers your choice of Copper, Silver and Gold/Silver conductors and exceptional sound at a wide variety of price points. 

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Sonore is a pioneer in the field of computer and streaming audio. They were among the very first to understand that off-the-shelf computers and mother boards are very detrimental to noise in audio systems. Sonore builds streamers and renders designed from the ground up for high-performance AUDIO applications, employing custom boards and the most advanced technology. Sonore was also the very first to build streaming devices that are based on FIBER OPTICS vs. noise-prone ethernet. 

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