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Merrill Audio's philosophy is that audio components at the very high end must offer true value. They must provide something that simply cannot be achieved without the countless hours, years, of research and development that Merrill  brings to their evolution. This value cannot be achieved without the most refined of insights into the dynamics of musical expression, and cannot be delivered without world class engineering expertise. Merrill Audio offers you unique experiences and emotional connection. This is a window into the world of fine musical expression that is, otherwise, unavailable, or is very rare in audio.

MASTER Tape Head Preamp Lifestyle.jpg

MASTER  Tape Head Preamplifier

The MASTER incorporates the same "pure" audio signal path as all Merrill Audio Tape Head preamplifiers, but adds several important features in addition to those of the PURE model for the tape enthusiast or professional who wants more flexibility than the PURE's plug-and-play simplicity. The MASTER adds:

  • Touchpanel color display

  • Electronic VU meters with variable response & meter calibration to tape playback reference level

  • Peak-hold display

  • Channel balance adjustment

  • High Frequency EQ adjustment for tape playback 

  • Stunning dimensional rose-gold front panel 

MASTER Tape Head Preamp Lifestyle.jpg

TRIDENT  Tape Head Preamplifier

The MASTER TRIDENT Tape Head Preamplifier is the Master preamp with THREE individual, balanced inputs. The settings for each input can be individually saved and then is recalled with that input, allowing the use of the TRIDENT with 3 tape decks.  Targeted at the professional tape engineer and the most sophisticated of today's audiophile reel-reel tape enthusiast. All features and adjustments are otherwise identical to the standard MASTER preamp.  Contact XtremeFidelity to learn more about this "Xtraordinary" product!

ELEMENT 116 Pair Black Background.jpg

116 Monoblock Amplifiers

The Element 116 Power Amplifier Monoblocks are based on the exceptional design advances developed for the Element 118 Power Amplifier, but unlike the 118, the 116 has been specifically scaled to meet a price point.  Capitalizing on the extraordinary research and development accomplished for the Element 118 Power Amplifier Monoblocks, the Element 116 approaches the same sonic signature – allowing you to emotionally connect with your music in a manner that is as life like as possible. The Element 116 Power Amplifier Monoblock has the similar ultra low noise resolution that makes it possible for you to distinguish even the most minute differentiations in the musical presentation.

ELEMENT 118 Pair.jpg

118 Monoblock Amplifiers

The Element 118 Power Amplifier Monoblocks were conceptualized to provide the listener with a truly life-like musical experience, presented with  every significant detail intact, in order to convey a truly emotional connection to the music, all without consideration for cost. With those premises in mind, no constraints were placed on practical considerations of power, size, and weight. The most advanced technologies and expertise were used in combination with years of research culminating in the Element 118 Power Amplifier Monoblock, the crown jewel of Merrill Audio.

SPECIFICATIONS for the Element 118 Amplifiers:



Power rating:

400watts into 8ohms

800 watts into 4 ohms

1600 watts into 2 ohms

Speaker Terminals:

Dual pairs of posts for bi-wiring

Dual pairs of posts for bi-wiring

WBT – 0710 CuMc

Accepts Bananas, spades or wire.


XLR Balanced input, Cardas XLR

Power AC:

20A AC inlet, Furutech Rodhium Plated inlet


Stainless Steel Outrigger

GAiA III from Isoacoustics


350mm (13.7”) W x 220mm (8.7”) H x 495 (20.4”) D without outriggers

460mm (18.1”) W x 275mm (10.8”) H x 495mm (20.4”) D with outriggers

Shipping size: 610mm (24”) W x 355mm (14”) H x 610mm (24”) D

Weight:30kg (65lbs)

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