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Merrill Audio Element 118 Monoblocks 

  • 400w/ch into 8 ohms / 800w/ch at 4 ohms

  • Cardas XLR Balanced Inputs; Dual Binding Posts Output

  • GAiA III IsoAcoustic footers on stainless outrigger feet

  • Stunning rose gold / high-gloss nickel design 

  • Rhodium 20 amp IEC power inlet 

  • "There are a handful of amplifiers that create a sound as fast and as precise as this, but one of the few that is still in production is DarTZeel. The two have a lot in common sonically, although the Element 118 is perhaps even more neutral-sounding than the Swiss triumph. “ Alan Sircom, HiFi Plus Magazine

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Merrill Audio JENS Phono Preamplifier! Demo

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bricastiM28 Front.jpg

Bricasti M28 Monoblock Amplifiers Demo

  • Stunning sound! Highly resolving yet exceptional musical.

  • Fully balanced

  • 200 W into 8 ohms; 400 W into 4 ohms

  • Input trim adjustment allows best use of DACs with digital volume controls for "pre-amp-less" systems

  • These can easily be your "end-game" amplifiers 

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Ansuz PowerSwitch A2 Ethernet Switch

  • Customer TRADE IN 

  • Rave reviews worldwide

  • Retail price $4,000.00

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