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VAC 450 iQ Amplifier
VAC 450 iQ Amplifier

VAC Statement 450iQ Monoblock Amplifiers

A move is forcing the sale of a beautiful pair of VAC 450IQ monoblock power amplifiers. Owned by the Founder and now retired partner in XtremeFidelity, these amps have been lovingly cared for in a dedicated audio room. 


These wonderful sounding 450 watt/ch amps feature the patented VAC Intelligent Continuous Automatic Bias System. This system builds on 18 years of research and development by the engineers at VAC, and represents the first time in history that each tube in the output stage of a vacuum tube amplifier can be held precisely at the optimal bias point at all times, regardless of how loudly or softly the music is playing. The result is sound that is always the best it can be with reduced distortion and noise and longer tube life. This VAC IQ system also alerts you when a tube is growing weak.


These amps produce a beautiful picture of the music with expanded images, fine detail, and exceptional clarity. 

  • Sonically-stunning, 2-chassis / channel mono blocks

  • 450 watts/ch; can drive ANY speakers

  • Brochure:

  • iQ system maintains tubes in bias range and warns of any impending tube failure

  • Balanced and Single-Ended input

  • All new VAC packaging

Retail price $130,000.00. Special price $45,000.00


Sonore Signature Rendu SE OPTICAL  Demo

  • The original and still best-sounding Streamer

  • Designed & Built from the ground up for AUDIO

  • FIBER optic Input; USB output

  • Roon-Ready; also MPD/DLNA modes. Also, SqueezeLight; Shareport; Spotify; Songcast & HQ player compatibility

  • Direct streaming of Tidal & Qobuz

  • PCM to 768kHz; DSD to DSD512

  • Other advanced features too numerous to list

  • Internal LINEAR Power Supply

  • LATEST Firmware

Special Pricing  on Demo Unit

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