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Siltech's research has driven the development of the finest interconnects, speaker cables and power leads that money can buy. Silver was chosen to achieve this rarefied level of performance, due to its excellent signal transfer characteristics.

Siltech’s superior metallurgy and innovative precision construction techniques underpin the exceptional sound of their designs.

Multiple cable series offer cable products from the entry-level Explorer series, through the extremely popular Classic Legend to the Ruby Crown and the  ultimate Royal Crown & Triple Crown levels. The listener can have their choice of Copper, Gold/Silver blend, ultra-pure Silver or the ultimate, mono crystal Silver. 

Siltech's broad range includes interconnects, power cables, digital & ethernet, phono, speaker jumpers and even headphone cables. 


Explorer RCA Interconnect
Explorer Speaker cable

Explorer Series

Maximum performance at their price point

Although best known for high end cables, Siltech believes that its products should be as widely attainable as possible. Explorer is the entry-level series, sitting below the Classic Legend range. Designed for maximum performance at its price point, this is achieved by using bespoke, ultra high purity copper conductors rather than their high end silver type. The result is a smooth, open and enjoyable sound that’s ideal for all hi-fi systems.

Designing state-of-the-art cables is a science, but making affordable ones is an art. Explorer offers a taste of the sublime sound of Siltech's flagship products, in a more accessible package. Specially selected, ultra high purity 6N monocrystal copper conductors are mated to twin layer Kapton-Teflon insulation by Siltech’s unique process. The result is exceptional audio performance at the price, alongside excellent electrical noise suppression.

  • Siltech's bespoke 6N monocrystal copper conductors

  • Exceptional price-to-performance ratio

  • Superb construction quality, made in the Netherlands

880 series Power Cable
880 Series Interconnect

Classic Legend Series

Exceptional performance and value

The latest in Siltech’s Classic series of cables, Legend represents the culmination of over thirty years of research into conductor and insulation materials. Siltech's engineers have achieved a massive improvement in technology, sound quality, and accurate timing. Despite its moderate pricing, the Classic Legend range has low capacitance, excellent high-frequency characteristics, and the least possible distortion. This translates to a superbly resolved sound with a smooth, balanced tonality and exceptional stereo imaging properties.

Classic Legend offers three different models within the series: 380, 680, and 880. The line includes interconnects, speaker, and power cables. The new G9 silver-gold conductors, the revolutionary 3-layer high-tech insulation together with the improved super silent shielding increase the already superior quality that audiophiles have come to expect from our cables. All of these innovations result in a superbly resolved sound with a smooth, balanced tonality and exceptional stereo imaging properties.


Using technology trickled down from the flagship Crown range, the Classic Legend series outperforms previous Classic cables in technical measurements by 2.5 times. Legends are timeless and these cables are no exception. Investing in these cables will bring you legendary performance for years to come.

  • Siltech's bespoke G9 pure solid silver-gold conductors

  • Military grade triple layer insulation

  • Exceptional price-to-performance ratio

Siltech Royal Single Crown Interconnect RCA C.jpg
Royal Crown Speaker cable
Royal Crown Power Cable
Royal Crwon RCA Interconnect
Royal Crown XLR Interconnect

Royal Crown Series

For the PASSIONATE Music Lover!

Crowning Siltech’s world of almost 40 years of ongoing research and development, their engineers succeeded in delivering performance approaching that of Siltech’s flagship Royal Triple Crown.

Successor to the iconic, much-loved, and multiple award-winning Royal Signature Series, the sonic results of the Royal Crown cables are spectacular – and unleash the full potential of great hi-fi systems.

This new series comes in three different versions, offering increasing levels of performance, musicality, and appearance: Royal Single Crown, Royal Double Crown, and the well-known Royal Triple Crown – the latter now included in and featured as the flagship of the Royal Crown Series.

All Royal Crown cables use Siltech's new Hexagon construction, previously only seen in the flagship Royal Triple Crown Power cable. It allows for greater symmetry from every angle and more efficient wire handling for the lowest electromagnetic interference. Siltech’s dual-layer insulation of DuPont Kapton and Teflon combined with the Hexagon’s air insulation and wide-range shielding results in the lowest inductance and capacitance.

As befitting its ‘Cable Royalty’ status, the Crown version uses only Siltech’s pure S10 monocrystal silver wire as conductors, while the Double Crown and Royal Triple Crown even use only pure silver connectors.

Siltech's newest S10 Monocrystal Silver is the pinnacle of our cable design and manufacturing. The Single continuous crystal metallurgy eliminates boundaries for the lowest possible distortion. Its increased conductivity - up to 112% of regular silver wire - Leads to an extremely low-loss conductor for a lower noise floor and higher power handling.

By using proprietary sophisticated annealing processes, Siltech produced larger and more consistent crystal structures, reducing the discontinuities in the signal path. The result is exceptional openness, detail and musicality - perfect for the world's finest hi-fi systems.

All models have interconnects, speaker cables, and power cords, and there is a wide selection of digital interconnects available as well.

  • S10 Monocrystal Silver

  • Teflon/ Kapton & Air Insulation

  • New 6-core Hexagon Construction for most efficient symmetric wire distribution

iltech Ruby_Crown_Speaker_Cable
Siltech RUBY CROWN-Interconnect
TripleCrown RCA.jpeg

Ruby Crown Series 

NEW from Siltech!


To commemorate their 40th anniversary milestone, Siltech has created the new Ruby Crown cable series.

Ruby Crown is a dedicated all-analog cable range including RCA and XLR interconnects, loudspeaker cables, loudspeaker jumpers, and power cords.


The name Ruby Crown comes from some of the most popular products in Siltech's long history, such as Ruby Hill and Ruby Mountain, and also marks their ruby anniversary, celebrating four decades of designing and manufacturing world-class cables.


So, to our valued customers who have helped make Siltech the success it is today, the new Ruby Crown is our way of saying ‘thank you’. It is the least expensive route to our finest ever metallurgy, the newest S10 monocrystal silver conductors which have been specially configured in a 3- or 4-core design tailored for this application, with high-grade connectors to further improve performance. 

Royal Triple Crown Series

A sound that one has to hear to believe.


Siltech used its years-long research, development, and design resources to create the flagship Triple Crown range. Naturally, for this range, Siltech uses their bespoke, ultra-pure monocrystal silver conductors. The conductors are in their ultimate, large-diameter form. These work together with Air Cradle Construction. It is a radical new cable topology with absolute geometric and mechanical consistency. Also, the monocrystal conductors combine with ultra low-density insulation. Our insulation is made from a complex Teflon matrix to deliver vanishingly low inductance, resistance, and capacitance.

Siltech's tenth-generation (S10) solid core monocrystal silver eliminates any micro-cracks in the silver structure. As such, it delivers the highest purity of silver possible for the lowest signal loss. It is worth noting that this single long continuous crystal of silver – from one end of the cable to the other – makes for vanishingly low distortion. It also makes for superior technical performance. Furthermore, each silver conductor in our Royal Triple Crown range comes in the largest possible diameter. To sum up, this flagship cable certainly delivers a stellar listening experience.

  • Siltech's flagship, no-compromise cable range

  • Purest S10 monocrystal silver conductors

  • Air-Cradle Construction for ultimate performance

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