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XtremeFidelity is a very unique high-performance audio dealer located in northern New Jersey. We are different in that we focus solely on a select group of premium electronics that we feel are the best-of-breed and we do not sell loudspeakers. Our product offerings include analog audio electronics, both tube and solid state, digital products, and high-performance power and signal cabling. We are also unique in that we are one of the few dealers where you can listen to high-performance, master-level reel-to-reel tapes. These products are presented through our reference loudspeakers, the world-class Tidal Agorias, in our dedicated, home-based listening studio. Here, we offer a relaxed, informative, and most importantly, an emotionally-inspired listening experience on a by-appointment basis. Our many years of expertise with the products that we offer and our deep knowledge of premium audiophile reference systems allows us to utilize our strengths to create the perfect music listening system for the discriminating listener. We differentiate ourselves by exceptional personal service and support. 

Aavik 880 Series Electronics

Available now!


Aavik's amazing all-out assault on the state-of-the art! 200 watts/ ch of pure CLASS A amplifier technology that does not switch. The all-new I-880 Integrated Amplifier 

What's NEW

Hear it only at XtremeFidelity!

MASTER Tape Head Preamp Lifestyle.jpg

Bricasti M1 Series II DAC

                New for 2023!

A new level of performance for an already industry-leading DAC. Includes a host of new performance milestones including new twin higher-current linear power supplies, latest Mdx processor and a larger, handcrafted solid aluminum chassis.

Merrill Audio Tape Head Preamplifiers


For the reel-reel tape enthusiast with direct-head outputs, this is the new state-of-the art in tape reproduction. Come in for an audition on our professional Ampex ATR-102 deck. We are tape specialists, unlike any other dealer. 

Ansuz Mainz8 series 3 Power Distributors
      Ansuz Sparkz TC3 Harmonizer
        Ansuz Gold Signature Series

Available now!


Brand new! Mainz 8 Power Distribution Series 3. Available NOW in all versions. This new generation of power distributors opens up an ultra-fine, very authentic and natural resolution of the entire sound spectrum from the extremely high pitch to the deepest bass and creates a jaw-dropping holistic soundstage that defies any further description. 


Sparkz TC3 replaces the current TC2 with 3rd generation "analog dither" technology pioneered by Ansuz.

Ansuz Sparkz is a noise cancellation plug for open mains sockets, mainly in power distributors.

The Sparkz harmonizers are designed to fit beautifully in all regular power outlets as well as in the Ansuz Mainz8 power distributor.




Are these the World's Finest Sounding audio cables? Only your own ears can tell! Introducing the new flagship- Ansuz Gold Signature

Michael Børresen, CTO of Ansuz Acoustics, in collaboration with his engineering and development team, has designed this new series that elevates any audio system to a level of performance never achieved before. This new range of audio cables and power distributors is the result of Ansuz's ever curious and exploratory approach to new product development, as well as its experience and commitment to science and technology. The new Gold Signature series is built on a solid foundation of well- known Ansuz technologies; however, as the name of this series suggests, also draws on the material properties of gold in conjunction with these well-known Ansuz technologies.

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Aavik 580_edited.jpg

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