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XtremeFidelity is a very unique high-performance audio dealer located in the Sarasota-Bradenton of Florida. We are different in that we focus solely on a select group of premium electronics that we feel are the best-of-breed and we do not sell loudspeakers. Our product offerings include analog audio electronics, both tube and solid state, digital products, and high-performance power and signal cabling. We are also unique in that we are one of the few dealers where you can listen to high-performance, master-level reel-to-reel tapes. These products are presented through our reference loudspeakers, the world-class Tidal Agorias, in our dedicated, home-based listening studio. Here, we offer a relaxed, informative, and most importantly, an emotionally-inspired listening experience on a by-appointment basis. Our many years of expertise with the products that we offer and our deep knowledge of premium audiophile reference systems allows us to utilize our strengths to create the perfect music listening system for the discriminating listener. We differentiate ourselves by exceptional personal service and support. 


We've MOVED!

I am excited to tell you that we have relocated to the Sarasota, Florida area leaving behind the behind the cold weather up north in New Jersey. XtremeFidelity will continue to offer a very select collection of the finest high end audio equipment. As a result of our new location, we regret that we will no longer be a VAC dealer due to conflict with an existing dealer’s territory (we always respect other dealers’ business!). VAC is arguably the finest tube electronics made in the US and we wish Kevin & team the very best always! However, we will remain a dealer for Bricasti, Siltech, Silent Angel, Merrill Audio, Sonore and Furutech and will be bringing some surprises once we get set up. 

Siltech Cables come to XtremeFidelity
Siltech Cables

Siltech has 40 years of experience building some of the world's finest cables, based on science and listening. From the entry-level Explorer series, through the Classic Legends and up to the Royal Crown series, Siltech offers your choice of Copper, Silver and Gold/Silver conductors and exceptional sound at a wide variety of price points. 


New from Siltech! Ruby Crown series!


The new Ruby Crown is the least expensive route to Siltech’s top-of-the-line conductor metallurgy, the newest version of the S10 Monocrystal Silver conductors and adds upgraded, high-grade connectors borrowed from the Royal Crown series to further improve the sonic performance 

NEW from Bricasti Designs! 

    M19 CD/SACD Transport


From Bricasti Designs comes the brand new M19 CD/SACD Transport! Constructed of a beautiful Bricasti robust, CNC milled aluminum chassis and incorporating an innovative native DSD over I2S to an RJ45 connector on compatible Bricasti DACs. Or, DSD over DoP to ANY DAC via AES or SPDIF. We think this will be your Best-Ever and Final CD transport.


New! Silent Angel Munich MU

Audio-Grade Network Streamer

The "MU" network streamer achieves the pinnacle of digital audio quality. Adding an MU opens your system to an unsurpassed variety of digital signal sources, delivered at a level of performance and sonics that only Silent Angel can provide. Elevate your listening experience through the advanced features, ideal interface, and ultimate audio quality of Silent Angel MU. Includes an INTERNAL DAC or use your own.


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