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Our customers often become our friends. Here is a small sampling of some of

the feedback on our products and the XtremeFidelity experience

-- E.J. Smith

"In my over forty years in this hobby, I have dealt with more than a few high-end audio dealers, and there are none I can recommend more highly than eXtreme Fidelity. 

My experience with XtremeFidelity goes back to 2014, when I purchased a pair of Nola KOs, and it continues to this day. XF has earned my business by providing not just expert advice on assembling a balanced system (even if it means suggesting components they do not sell!), but by also providing loaners for me to try at home in my own system (Speakers, cables, tweaks...). Both Mike (retired) and Tom have spent countless hours with me exchanging emails and answering my many questions. Their responses are always professional, very informative and most importantly, honest. They also stand by the products they sell. When I needed to replace a faulty tonearm, I contacted Mike for advice, and even though he was retired, he walked me through the process and represented me with the vendor to get a quick replacement - no muss, no fuss. Finally, the icing on the cake is their competitive pricing. I have never seen them underbid on anything I have purchased.

If you value honest expert advice, a competitively priced selection of best in class gear and loyalty to the customer, you needn’t look elsewhere."

Just wanted to thank you again for the Prince II speakers.  After living with them for just 3 weeks, I can tell you that they've brought me more enjoyment in listening than ANY component I've purchased in over 30 years in audio -- And it's not even close!   I'm talking audio products from Usher, Cary, Krell, Gallo, MacCormack, Theta, Benchmark, Audio Research, PS audio, etc., etc....The greatest sonic improvement, and by a LARGE amount, EVER in my system. Those speakers are just magical!  Articulate, lightening fast, transparent to the point of actually seeing through the speakers. The best midrange I've ever heard.  But the best part is the speaker is better than the sum of it's parts (at least as I can describe them).  They make music sound REAL and make you WANT to listen. They draw you to them. Engaging, intoxicating, addicting.  I think they're every bit as good as your MBL 111s,  Avalon Eidolons, or Wilson Sophias, speakers that I love but all cost several times the cost of the Prince IIs. Fantastic value and awesome speaker! Thanks again.


-- John Collins

The great thing about visiting your listening room is that you never sit still. Most of the time when we listen you have something new to try be it equipment or music.
On some occasions the sound benefits the change at hand, at other times the change is not necessarily significant.

The last visit to your place has to rank as one of great significance. The combination of the Spiral Groove SG1 table, Jens’ phono stage, and the Windfeld cartridge produced sound that was truly remarkable. It has to rank as one of the most significant listening experiences ever.
I heard a significant refinement in the sound that I had never heard before at your place. This was not just a small increment, this was a significant improvement. I heard an across-the-board advancement in resolution accomplished with a great sense of ease.

The resulting refinement significantly added to my enjoyment of the music that you played.
It is an evening that I will remember and cherish for quite some time. I can’t imagine that you will top this very soon.


My wife and I spent 3hrs with Mike today listening to the Nolas. We even brought our old speakers as a side by side comparison. Mike's hospitality, listening environment and, most importantly, knowledge of components and the industry provided a unique and informative experience.


We went in to demo the Boxers, and purchased the Contenders, my wife insisted, lucky me! Nothing against the Boxers but the Contenders provided such a rich complete sound regardless of the type of music played that we were 'sold'.


We just hooked them up at home and they sound almost as good with my equipment, they look great too!Great product and great way to test them.

-- Jim Calamia 

Toms River, NJ

I loved the see-through qualities of the Kings. You know, we read about that “see-through” stuff all the time but I’ve really almost never heard it. The Kings not only have this quality, they nearly define it! I find the Kings practically perfect and effortless, and vinyl playback was awesome -- maybe the best I’ve ever heard.


After my experience of sitting in front of the Kings, I can't think of any speaker brand under $300K that I’d rather own. I’m envious because my system now needs to be 5.1 for work instead of stereo for pleasure or I’d own them in a heartbeat and never look back.

-- David Day

President Day/Sequerra

--Arnie Balgavis

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