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Ansuz Acoustics

Ansuz Acoustics is a Danish company that develops, designs, produces, and sells cables, and accessories for High-End music systems.

At Ansuz, our ultimate goal is to be spearheading this narrow field of audio technology. We feel strongly committed to meeting the needs of our passionate and sophisticated clients, by making any audio system perform at its full potential.

We want to ensure that all our customers receive the very best products, professional advice, and outstanding service.




The more powerful equipment, the harder mechanical parts in a HIFI unit work, and mechanical motion will always result in noise and vibration. With a new and innovative construction principle ensures DARKZ Decouplers to lead noise and vibration effectively away from the speakers and other HIFI devices - the effect of DARKZ can be both heard and felt. DARKZ Decouplers comes in multiple levels through D-TC Supreme - each with strong individual qualities.

NEW! Anniversary Edition DARKZ- new materials; tungsten balls; unique look. Order now. This is a LIMITED EDITION.


SPARKZ TC3 Harmonizer

The Sparkz TC3 Harmonizer (New-October 2022) is the replacement for the popular "TC2" version of this innovative product. Ansuz Sparkz is a noise cancellation plug for open mains sockets, mainly in power distributors. Mains power transmits disturbing noise that ‘bleeds’ into the other Hi-Fi components and impairs their ability to reproduce music with openness and fine detail on a wide soundstage. Ansuz Sparkz is equipped with Ansuz noise reduction technologies, including passive Tesla coils, Active Tesla coils and 3rd generation "analog dither", to deliver any music with more openness and speed, against an amazingly quiet background.

Simply plug in 1 or more Sparkz into your power distribution or even wall socket to experience a lower system noise floor and larger soundstage.


3rd Generation!

This new generation of power distributors opens up an ultra-fine, very authentic and natural resolution of the entire sound spectrum from the extremely high pitch to the deepest bass and creates a jaw-dropping holistic soundstage that defies any further description.

The Ansuz Mainz8 each have 8 dedicated mains outlets and all feature the same extremely low impedance star grounding system. Ansuz Mainz8 power distributors basically distributes mains power and create a highly- effective star ground connection. All versions are packed with technology and the experience we have gained from our work with Audio R&D.

New! Gen 3 Mainz 8's- X3, X-TC3, A2, C2, D2, DTC3, DTC3 Supreme & Gold Signature


  • Star grounding

  • High gauge grounding

  • Horizontal mounted connections

  • Darkz connections for mechanical grounding

  • 3rd Generation Analog Dither

  • Non Hysteresis design (no aluminum)

  • Multiple Sparkz (varies per level)


POWERSWITCH Ethernet Switch

Designed from the ground up for high-quality audio, the Ansuz PowerSwitch has been designed with the aim of delivering a very clean streaming signal to your DAC. This is NOT a "modified" off-the-shelf switch. To achieve this, Ansuz employs its most advanced and truly ground-breaking technologies of noise reduction and resonance control, ensuring that virtually no noise is transmitted from the ethernet network to the audio components. 

Available in multiple versions:

  • X-TC

  • A2

  • D2

  • D-TC Supreme

  • D-TC Gold Signature



Ansuz "Anti-Arial Noise Reduction"

  • Plugs into any component to eliminate noise & provide effective grounding

  • Provides highly effective resonance control

  • Termination plug for any input or output socket

  • Not in series with signal

  • Available in 3 levels: Sortz, Supreme & Signature

  • Available in RCA, XLR, BNC, USB & RJ45 (Ethernet)


The Ansuz Cable-series succeed in creating a significant reduction of inductive interference and taking capacitance to a minimum, pushing the all around performance of our cables closer to perfect.

Ansuz Power, signal, speaker & digital cables have quickly been recognized by reviewers and sophisticated audiophiles as world-class performers, clearly amongst the best. 

Contact XtremeFidelity for an audition.






Ansuz Mainz - Power cables for the best possible system foundation:

  • Mainz P2

  • Mainz A2

  • Mainz C2

  • Mainz D2

  • Mainz D-TC2

  • D-TC-Supreme

  • D-TC Gold Signature





Ansuz Speakz- Speaker cables for high-end loudspeakers:

  • Speakz P2

  • Speakz A2

  • Speakz C2

  • Speakz D2

  • Speakz D-TC2

  • Speakz D-TC Supreme

  • D-TC Gold Signature



Ansuz Signalz- Interconnects:

  • Signalz P2

  • Signalz A2

  • Signalz C2

  • Signalz D2

  • Signalz D-TC2

  • Signalz D-TC Supreme

  • D-TC Gold Signature



Ansuz designs and manufactures high-performance digital cables in all varieties and at multiple levels of performance:

  • SPDIF (BNC and/or RCA)

  • USB

  • Ethernet

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