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Aavik Acoustics

Aavik is one of 3 companies that are now part of Audio Group Denmark that includes Ansuz cables, power products & accessories and Børresen speakers.

Aavik designs and manufactures a range of highly-sophisticated audio electronics, utilizing ground-breaking technology and employing the unique noise-reduction technology developed and implemented by its sister-company, Ansuz.


By bringing down the noise floor, Aavik has further expanded the dynamic scale of music. Even the finest nuances of musical details are now projected onto a larger sound stage with an extremely quiet background.

The "x80" series of Aavik electronics consists of 4 levels of similar components, 180, 280, 580, and the new 880 series,defined by the selection and amount of Aavik's unique technology.

Aavik Product Specification Link- Click here for detailed Product Information & Specs


Aavik 580_edited.jpg

Integrated Amplifiers

The architecture of the Aavik integrated amplifier boasts sophisticated high-end electronic components set in a state-of-the-art enclosure. Based on ample power supplies, the Aavik integrated amplifier provides unprecedented dynamic speed, tight control and balanced stability, which creates persuasive and crystal-clear soundstage images that reflect even finest sonic details. The Aavik design is Scandinavian understatement and expresses simplicity and minimalism featuring only a few buttons for logical operation. The multifunctional main knob allows to navigate and control the various functions. We have boosted the self-confidence with a huge red display, which makes it easy to read all details of the selected operational settings.

Aavik 580_edited.jpg

Unity Amplifiers 

With the Aavik U-series we have combined a integrated amplifier and a DAC into one module. By doing so, we have successfully responded to the demands of the high-end audio lovers who want to minimize the space that is required for separate audio components but making no compromise on the ultimate quality of high-end music reproduction. A common mainboard now replaces the separated mainboards from our Integrated Amplifier and DAC-series. This completely redesigned mainboard provides the shortest possible signal path between amplifier and DAC and guarantees excellent timing control.

Aavik 580_edited.jpg

DAC's & Streamers

  Our ultimate goal in developing the Aavik DACs has been to transfer the digital signals into a natural, harmonious, yet, dynamic music experience without losing any of the enormous amount of information contained in the digital source. Our engineers have been extremely fastidious in selecting the electronic components and have spared no effort to exploit any opportunity for acoustic improvement.

From the early concept stage of audio engineering, the Aavik Streamers have been designed with a view to redefining and distinctly up-grading the audio quality of streaming network-based music. The Aavik streamer opens the gates for a dynamic musicality and a natural sound stage that features an unprecedented clarity and precision.

Aavik 580_edited.jpg

Phono Stages

The Aavik phono stages have been developed to tease out the natural flow of music that is so typical of a vinyl-based sound source. The extensive research we invested in gaining a deeper understanding of the major turntable and cartridge challenges shaped the platform for the engineering solutions embedded in the Aavik phono stage. The key strength of the Aavik RIAA is the sonic isolation of the ultra-low signals that emanate from the vinyl source, and the filtering out of any disturbing outside noise and vibration.

Aavik Preamp.png

Separate Control Amplifier & Power Amplifier

By dividing the integrated amplifier into separate pre- and control amplifiers, we have created the Aavik P-series and the Aavik C-series. This has made it possible to reduce the noise floor, to an even lower level, refine the signal, and increase the power resources. Furthermore, this division has created space for new technologies, which have further contributed to a even larger sound stage with an extremely quite background.

The Aavik power amplifiers are true state of the art performers – enormous resources and refined technologies secures a musical presentation with an ultra precise reproduction delivering an energetic feeling.

New! The world-class "880" series electronics
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